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More Ways to Say
"Well Done"

Yes, they should be good for nothing -- but we all like a little reward now and then.

More Reward Ideas

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Golden Wall
Entice students to be "as good as gold."

Cover a bulletin board with gold paper and post your classroom's "golden rules." Every time a student demonstrably follows one of your golden rules, write the student's name on a label, and attack to the "Golden Wall." At the end of each month, semester, or marking period, cut out all the labels and put them in a box. Award a prize to the student(s) whose name is drawn from the box.

Jolly Good Job!
Throw a popcorn party.

Each time the entire class completes its homework, receives a compliment from another teacher, or simply behaves particularly well, place a small scoop of un-popped popcorn in a jar. When the jar is full, have a popcorn party.

Have a Ball
It's a snap to be good for this reward.

Start a rubber-band ball. Every time a student excels in class, behaves particularly well, or receives a compliment from another teacher or staff member, allow that student to add a rubber band to the ball.

Article by Linda Starr
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