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Storage on the Cheap

Inexpensive solutions to classroom storage problems.

More Space-Saving Tips

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Month to Month
Store timely materials by month.

Purchase 10 large plastic tubs and label each tub with the name of a month. Use the containers to store timely lessons, worksheets, projects, bulletin board materials, and so on.

Got Milk?
Milk crates have multiple uses.

Milk crates are great for storing materials, creating a center, or use as bookshelves. You can pile milk crates to create chairs or throw a vinyl table cloth over crates to create a table.

Files and Folders
Save space with plastic.

Insert into a large 3-ring binder an individual plastic folder for each student. Attach to each folder a colored tab labeled with a student's name. Use the folders to save parent correspondence, field trip permission forms, absence notes, and so on. Create an extra folder for receipts for items you purchase for the classroom.

Article by Linda Starr
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