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Get Parents Involved

Parent involvement benefits student learning.

Parent Involvement Tips

For more tips on effective school-home communication , visit the Education World Parent Involvement Center .

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Who I Am
This homework assignment involves parents too.

Provide each student with a small picture album (the free ones you get when you have pictures developed) and ask students and parents to fill the albums with favorite family photographs. Invite students to share their albums with their classmates.

Smile for the Camera
In videotapes, memories last forever.

Ask parents to provide a blank videotape for their child. Periodically throughout the year, invite parent volunteers to come to school and videotape each student participating in a classroom activity. Send the videotapes home at the end of the year as a class memento.

Be A Web Wizard
A class Web site involves the entire community.

Create a classroom Web site and use it to keep parents informed about curriculum, classroom rules, homework policies and assignments, specials' schedules, field trips, upcoming classroom or school events, and so on. Include a "Parent Page" with links to parenting resources. See Gee Whiz! Great Site-Building Advice from 'Web Wizards' for advice from teachers who have built their own Web pages.

Article by Linda Starr
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