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Start Off the Year Right

Start off the year with these great back-to-school activities.

Welcome Back!

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Time Capsule
Students predict the future.

During the first weeks of school, invite students to write a letter describing their favorite subject, what they hope to learn during the year, what they expect to learn, and what surprises they anticipate the year will bring. Put the letters in a sealed can or zip-lock bag. Open the container during the last week of school so students can check the accuracy of their predictions.

Geography Lesson
Show students what they can learn in a year.

Provide each student with a large piece of drawing paper. Depending on the grade level you teach, challenge students to draw a map of their city, state, country, continent, or world, labeling as many places as they can. Collect the maps and put them away. At the end of the school year, repeat the activity to discover what they've learned.

Class Rules
Good behavior completes the puzzle.

Stop displaying class rules on boring poster board. After formulating your class rules, draw a puzzle containing one more puzzle piece than the number of rules you've developed. (One piece should be right in the middle of the puzzle.) Transfer the puzzle onto transparency film and use an overhead projector to enlarge it to an appropriate size. Write a class rule in each puzzle piece; in the center piece, write: "Good Behavior Completes the Puzzle." Laminate the puzzle for durability.

Article by Linda Starr
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