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Room Arrangement Makes a Difference

Proper room arrangement promotes a well-managed classroom.

Who Sits Where?

For more tips on setting up your classroom, read the Education World article Effective Room Arrangement, by Dr. Fred Jones.

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Sit Down!
Assure easy access.

Arrange your classroom in a way that allows easy access to all students. Vertical or horizontal rows, groups, U-shapes, and herringbone arrangements all work well. Avoid narrow aisles and arrangements that force you to walk around the room to reach any student.

Group Activities
Contain small group activities.
Organize small group activities by placing hula-hoops around the classroom. Groups can sit around the outside of the hoop and game pieces, manipulatives, and other materials can be placed inside the hoop.

Quiet Time
Provide a quiet area.
Establish an area where students can go for quiet time. This is not a time-out area, but an area that is used when students need to retreat for a while to collect their thoughts or regain their composure. The area should be available to any student who needs time alone.

Article by Linda Starr
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