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Appearance, Posture, And Attitude


How can you develop a positive classroom environment that also embraces structure and accountability? The key to that balance has to do with you. Whether you realize it or not, your appearance, posture, and attitude send a clear message to students.

What you wear does matter. If you're dressed professionally, you will be seen as a professional.

Posture is equally important. Standing tall with your shoulders back and your head up, and walking with purpose convey confidence and authority. Students respond positively to that type of body language, and realize innately that you are the leader.

Direct eye contact also is important. Look at everyone as you address the class. That action conveys the message that you're talking to each student and will hold each accountable for the information you're conveying.

When speaking to the class, pace yourself and force yourself to slow down. Speaking a little more slowly than you do normally will have the double effect of reinforcing the importance of what you're saying and communicating confidence.

Pausing frequently reinforces the importance of what you are saying. Some students might be looking down at their desks while you talk. Pausing will cause many to look up so you can catch their eye and get their attention. If some students still are looking down after a brief pause, continue to pause until they look up. Again, you are reinforcing the message of accountability -- without saying a word.

Finally, your tone of voice sends a clear message to students. When going over expectations, procedures, and other important classroom information, use a firm, steady tone. Your tone should be clear and confident. During a fun activity, lighten up the tone a bit so students can see you have a humorous side as well.

Source: Being a Professional Requires More Than a Degree

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