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Help for
Homework Hassles
Volume 17

First Things First

Do you find that your students work on their homework for afternoon classes throughout the day, instead of completing it at home the night before? Take a moment to collect the day's homework from all students as you gather in the morning. If your students travel to other classrooms, you may collect and exchange papers from other teachers during homeroom period. It is a fair solution for all students, and the practice inspires students to be more responsible.

End-of-the-Day Homeroom Period

Set aside time for a homeroom period at the end of each day, and homework completion will rise. The schedule might include a few minutes of class business, such as announcements, and several minutes each of silent reading and homework. When students have serious questions about homework, they may be permitted to visit another teacher to discuss the assignment. Homeroom period at day's end is also effective in helping students gather all of the needed materials for their homework, so necessary textbooks are not forgotten and left at school.

Article by Cara Bafile
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