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Help for
Homework Hassles
Volume 6

Task Analysis Sheet

The Task Analysis Sheet (TAS) is a means of decreasing homework excuses and increasing student responsibility. If a student does not have an assignment ready to submit when it is due, the teacher gives the student a form to complete that asks five questions:

  1. Was there anything that you did not understand about this assignment?
  2. Did you have trouble getting the necessary books or materials?
  3. How could this assignment be changed to make it more interesting?
  4. What must you do to change your attitude about schoolwork?
  5. What did you do instead of doing this assignment?
When the student hands in the TAS, the teacher discusses his or her responses, and the form is filed for future conferences, if needed. Students often so dislike filling out the form that the TAS itself becomes a deterrent for missing homework!

Put an End to Homework Horror
(Education World, December 8, 2000)

Article by Cara Bafile
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