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Exit Slips

"What did you learn in school today?" How many times do parents ask that question and receive in response a shrug of the shoulders and a mumbled "Nothin'"? In order ensure that students have something to share when parents pose that age-old question, why not end your day in a quiet way? Give each student a "What I learned today..." exit slip. They must show their completed exit slip as they leave the classroom at the final bell.

When first introducing the exit slip strategy, allow a little more time for this end-of-day routine. Invite students to share what they have written. By sharing, students are modeling and becoming familiar with the kinds of information that will be considered "acceptable" as exit-slip content.
If parents know that students will carry that exit-slip form with them each day, they will also know that they can expect a response whenever they ask "What did you learn in school today?"

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(Education World, march 8, 2004)

Article by Cara Bafile
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