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Five Ways to Help Students Stay Focused

The transition between summer and school can be tough for students of any age, and it is important for teachers to try to keep them focused. Young kids, especially, may have trouble staying still and paying attention in the classroom. With the pressure of multitasking, iPhones, and the Internet, it can be hard to stop and focus on their schoolwork. 

EducationWorld has curated five ways to help students stay focused from three articles by Great Schools, Mind Focus Generation, and 

  1. Turn off all distractions: Turn off all screens, music, and remove all distractions from students when it comes to quiet time. This will help students concentrate better, and make sure to encourage students to turn off their cell phones, television, and music when they are studying at home. 
  2. Take Breaks: Teaching an entire school day with no breaks is hard for not only the students, but for teachers as well. Take some time out of the day for brain teasers, games, quiet time, puzzles, or free time for students to unwind and refresh for the next part of the lesson. 
  1. Setting Intentions: Before each lesson, let students know the particular goals, expectations, and intentions of the lesson. Highlight the key points of the lecture, so students know what to listen for. It also could help to write out the intentions on the board to keep them focused and in check. 
  2. Study Environment: Make sure students have a comfortable environment to study or learn in. Encourage parents to give students a nice area for studying and schoolwork. When students are relaxed, the mind can easily absorb information. 
  1. Rewards: Set up a rewards system for students, not so much that it becomes a bribe. Humans respond to positive reinforcement, but avoid material or food rewards. One example would be to create a homework/assignment chart. For each assignment completed, each student gets a star. This will motivate students and keep them confident that they are doing well in class. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor