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A Resolution to Remember

According to the most reliable online historians, the practice of making New Year's resolutions dates back more than 4,000 years to the Babylonians. Apparently among members of that ancient culture, the most popular resolution was to return borrowed farm equipment. While it's always a good idea to return borrowed farm equipment, your resolutions for 2009 are more likely to reflect a desire for personal or professional improvement. Perhaps they even bear some resemblance to the resolutions expressed by the composite teacher in today's poem, "A Resolve To Be Better -- in Verse!"

Whether you've already made your New Year's resolutions, or simply have resolved not to make any this year, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Look What She Starr-ted!

Linda Starr, a former teacher and the mother of four children, has been an education writer for more than a decade. Starr is the curriculum and technology editor for Education World.

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The New Year dawns, and I awake,
Determined to the core,
To be a better person
Than Ive ever been before.

This year, I swear, (with great resolve),
When outside duty calls,
I'll pass the time with exercise,
Not huddled 'gainst the walls.

This year, my resolution goes,
When pizza day does beckon,
Ill munch instead on celery sticks,
And lunch on boiled chicken.

This year, (my resolution grows),
I'll get more sleep, and yes,
I'll practice meditation,
To dissipate my stress.

This year, I pledge creative zeal,
And a plan book to excite,
With no moment unaccounted for
A substitutes delight.

This year, I vow, (though doubts creep in),
To praise each lass and lad,
And to call each parent monthly,
With news thats good, not bad.

This year, (my drive is hardening),
I'll use each bit and byte
To integrate technology,
And start a class Web site.

This year, I'll find a teaching style
That reaches every child.
When it comes to classroom management,
I'll govern with a smile.

I'll take a class, and read a book,
And minimize my thighs.
My lessons will be hands-on.
My lectures will be wise.

My insights will be incisive.
My judgments will be fair.
My grading will be accurate,
And failure will be rare.

I'll infuse each kid with knowledge,
And the tools for a career.
My colleagues will be awe-struck.
I'll be Teacher of the Year!

The New Year dawns, and I awake
Determined to the core,
To be a better teacher
Than Ive ever been before.

Should I, however, break a pledge or fail to kick a vice,
It's important to remember;
For teachers, a new year comes not once a year, but twice.
Just wait until September!