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Thank a Teacher!


National Teacher Day, celebrated each year on Tuesday of the first full week in May, is set aside to honor teachers and to recognize the lasting contributions teachers make to their students' lives. If you don't get a chance to thank the teachers who made a difference in your life on that day, the National PTA has declared the first full week in May Teacher Appreciation Week.

The Tuesday of the first full week in May is National Teacher Day, a day set aside to honor those teachers who made a difference in our lives. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank:

Look What She Starr-ted!

Linda Starr, a former teacher and the mother of four children, has been an education writer for more than a decade. Starr is the curriculum and technology editor for Education World.

Previous StarrPoints

Mary DeLourdes, who shared with me her love of books -- and made me love them too.

Mrs. Ford, who made me memorize the times tables -- and saved me from a lifetime of tedious computations.

Mary Alfred, who convinced me that Latin is not a dead language -- and so presented me with the key to understanding all languages.

Marie Veritas, who taught me that the value of a story's content is not measured by the number of words it contains.

Lee Callahan, who taught me that history is more than an endless series of battles.

Ann Ramenda, who never once let on that I am tone deaf.

Dr. Walton, who managed to make logic interesting -- and life both logical and mysterious.

Joan Murphy, who made me memorize the first 24 lines of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English -- and unwittingly provided me with a lifetime of unique cocktail-party patter.

Ronald Ferri, who assigned Colleen Leary (now Dr. Colleen Leary, a professor of geosciences) as my lab partner -- and pretended that we shared the work equally.

Mary Doris, who asked questions I couldn't answer -- -- and taught me how to think.

Bradford Colton, who scared me into learning what I needed to learn -- and into being who I needed to be.

Grace Fernhaber, who taught me what it means to be a teacher.