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You Fit Right In!

Start the year off right by teaching students that a classroom, like a puzzle, isn’t complete unless every piece is in place.


  • Draw a large jigsaw puzzle containing enough pieces for each student and teacher in the class, along with a few extra pieces for late arrivals.
  • Cut up the puzzle into individual pieces write the name of a student or teacher on each piece.
  • On the first day of school, distribute the puzzle pieces and have each student decorate his or her piece. (You might even take a picture of each student and glue them to the puzzle pieces.)
  • If possible, laminate the puzzle pieces and allow students to keep the pieces on their desks for a few days as you learn one another's names.
  • Combine the pieces into a puzzle.
  • Title the bulletin board "You Fit Right In!"

Note: Keep a diagram of the completed puzzle so you can quickly locate the position of each student's piece.


  • School Rules!
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Apples for the Students
  • Famous Firsts
  • Great Grandparents



Bulletin Board Tip of the Month

Before the school year begins, decide what color background you want on your bulletin board for each month of the year. Beginning with the last month of the school year, cover your bulletin board with a background layer for each month. Then when you're ready to change your bulletin board display, you only need to remove the top layer to uncover a clean new background.

Do you have a bulletin board idea to share? Send your most successful bulletin board idea (with a sketch or photo, if possible) to [email protected]. If we use it, we'll send you an official Education World mug!


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