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Best Idea Ever: Egg Hunt Review

Education World's Best Idea Ever feature highlights a favorite teacher-tested idea designed to help you teach a lesson, manage a classroom, communicate with parents, impress colleagues and administrators and amaze them all with your energy and creativity!

Are you looking for a great end-of-year review activity? Try a scavenger egg hunt! Your kids will love it!

Before the review, invite students to create multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank review questions for all subjects to be reviewed. Place the questions in numbered plastic eggs and have parent volunteers hide the eggs. (Don't forget to create an answer key as you're stuffing the eggs!) Have each student work with a partner to find the eggs and answer the questions inside. Student pairs must get each answer checked (If parent volunteers check answers, it will help keep up the pace and free you to observe and intervene when needed.) and put the answered eggs in a container before finding another egg. The pair with the most correct answers when all the eggs are collected gets first choice of a prize from the reward box.

"Both writing questions and them has proven to be a powerful and fun review tool for my students. Plus, it gets them outside for an hour or so, where they are free to run, socialize, and burn off energy in the course of the egg hunt."

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