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Behavior Management Tips: Kindness and Time Management


Encourage kindess in students, classroom participation, and proper time management with these tips for the classroom.


Encourage Kindness

Encourage kindness with a "Star Jar." Place on your desk a jar of stars cut out of construction paper. Whenever a student is caught in a random act of kindness, invite that student to the front of the room to write his or her name on a star and place it in the jar.

Want More?

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Pick 'Em Sticks

Keep on your desk a mug of craft sticks, each labeled with the name of one student. Whenever you need to call on an individual student to read or respond to a question, pull a stick to choose the student. Students pay better attention when they don't know who will be "pulled" next.

My Time or
Your Time?

If your class is particularly social and chatty, try implementing a system of "My Time" and "Your Time." Say to students: "Instructional time is 'My Time.' You must pay attention; you cannot talk or disturb others who are trying to learn. 'Your Time' is the last five minutes of class. During 'Your Time,' you may talk and to share with one another."

Article by Linda Starr
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