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Behavior Management Tips: Managing Disruptive Behaviors


Encourage positive behavior by setting students up for success and using the secret technique. Also, behavior conferences may be necessary. Use these tips to help students make the correct choices.


Behavior Conferences

When dealing with a particular student who consistently has problems making correct choices, you might want to try a behavior conference. Hold a private discussion with the student, asking such questions as, "How can I help you make the right choices?" and "How can I help you succeed in my class?" Work together to try to figure out how to solve the problem.


Catch Me If You Can!

Reward positive behavior by "catching them being good." If they aren't being good, set them up for success and then "catch" them!


It's a Secret!

Want More?

Looking for more information about motivation? Read Adding Motivation to Mastery, by Fred Jones.

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Before a lesson or activity, draw a name from a pile of scraps containing all the student's names. Keep the name a secret, but tell students that the student whose name is on the paper will be watched during the activity. Explain that if the secret student behaves well, he or she will get a reward. Because every student hopes he or she is the secret student, all the students try to behave well. At the end of the activity, reveal the name of the student and award a prize if he or she has earned one. Be sure to compliment others who behaved well too.

Article by Linda Starr
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