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Behavior Management Tips: Task Orientation

Help students to stay focused during presentations and generate smoother transitions using these tips for task orientation.


Pay Attention!
Are your students restless and inattentive while listening to classmates' oral presentations? Pass out rubrics and require listeners to grade speakers on eye contact, knowledge of subject matter, fluency, and so on.

Tally Ho!
Reward students who do behave instead of punishing those who do not. Keep a daily tally of students who demonstrate behaviors you want to encourage. At the end of the day, read aloud their names and explain why each is being praised. Give each of the students on the list a paper "tally." When a student has earned a predetermined number of tallies, he or she can exchange them for small prizes or classroom privileges.

Want More?

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No Time to Waste
Do you lose precious teaching minutes during classroom transitions? Try the following "time-saving" strategy: Tell students that you'll give them three minutes a day of time to waste. Explain that they can use up that time each day or save it up for something special. Agree on what students could do with "wasted" time they accumulate and decide how much time they'd need to save for that special event. Tell students that as soon as they've saved the required amount of time, they will be able to hold their special event. Each day, allow students three minutes to waste. When they start to waste time, start a stopwatch, time the amount of time wasted, and subtract it from the three minutes. You'll be surprised at how quickly students learn the value of a minute!

Article by Linda Starr
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