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PR for Principals


Principals are many things -- including public relations people. You are the "public face" of your school, the head cheerleader, and the crisis manager. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories and practical tips that will help you get a handle on all aspects of your PR responsibilities.

Create a School Profile Brochure
Most corporations have professional brochures that promote their history, goals, and results. So, George Pawlas wonders, why shouldn't schools create brochures to boast of their history, their stats and awards, their community connections, and their visions and goals?


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Support Personnel Are P.R. People Too
Secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, crossing guards, and bus drivers are key personnel in creating a school's reputation. Education World columnist George Pawlas shares tips for capitalizing on the P.R. potential of your school's support personnel.

Pawlas on PR: 50 Million Students Can't Be Wrong
Research says that people base their opinions of schools on what children tell them. That's why principals should take a good look at their schools from a kid's perspective. Included: Tips for improving students' -- and parents' -- perceptions of your school.

More Tips for Great Newsletters
Surveys say newsletters are the second most important source of information about your school. George Pawlas offers timely reminders about what to include in the newsletters you produce. Included: "Fifteen Tips for Writing Right."

Schools Offer Service With a Smile
Greetings, smiles, and eye contact may be standard customer-service training in the retail industry, but now that customer-service focus is moving into schools as well. Some districts are training all staff, including administrators and bus drivers, to be more customer-friendly.

Visitation Day: Parents "Walk in the Shoes" of Students
Tight-lipped kids often keep their parents in the dark about school activities. How can schools bring them out of the cold? Invite them in! "Parent Visitation Days" are easy to organize and a great way to get parents in touch with their kids' school life.

Panning for Gold in the Era of Accountability
Is your school's public perception in need of a little polishing? Even if your school is "in need of improvement," you can mine golden nuggets of good news and silver linings to make the school's image shine. Here are some ways you can do just that.

Newsletters: An Essential Tool for Every Principal
George Pawlas learned early in his years as a principal that regular, informative communication from his office helped build support for his school. That's when he discovered the true value of parent newsletters. Included: Newsletter do's and don'ts.

Is Your Parent Newsletter the Best It Can Be?
Education World's "Principal Files" principals agree that parent newsletters should be an essential part of every school leader's communication plan. They offer encouragement, ideas, and advice for those who want to start a newsletter or improve their current one.

School-Community Relations is Great PR And Then Some
George Pawlas, author of The Administrator's Guide to School-Community Relations, says every principal should carry a list of "six statements you can say with pride about your school." Pawlas offers that PR advice and much more in this EdWorld interview.

Outreach Through the Airwaves: Schools Bring Home Message With Television
Some districts are using cable TV to reach out to their communities. Those "education stations" keep citizens informed and show the lighter, "human" side of faculty and administration. Included: Successful programming from two districts.

Easy Ways to Market Your Schools
School administrators often are so busy or so cautious that they don't get to know their local media. But developing good public relations, as well as a solid plan for marketing a school district, are easy to do and can pay big dividends.

The ABC List: A Public Relations Tool That's as Simple as A-B-C
Have you been looking for a quick and easy way to promote your school's finest qualities and get the community involved? South Carolina principal Ann Mohr has a great idea for you, and it all begins with the alphabet.

PR Ideas for PRincipals
Is it any coincidence that the word principal begins with the letters PR? Some principals overlook the importance of strong public relations, but many principals recognize the value PR can play in creating a "buzz" about their schools.

Public Relations 101: How-To Tips for School Administrators
Are you looking to improve communications between school and home? Do you want to get the media to pay more attention to the good things that are going on in your school? Do you know how to handle a crisis? Included: Tips from PR consultant William Harms.

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