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Getting the school year off to a strong start can pay big dividends in the 179 days that follow. Principals have found an infinite number of ways to start off the year on the right foot. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories and practical tips that will help you plan events that ensure a successful start to the new school year.

Schools Find Many Ways to Say "Welcome Back"
Will open house be before school opens or sometime after students arrive? How about holding an ice cream social? A scavenger hunt for new students? A meet-the-principal lunch? Included: Our "Principal Files" team shares ideas for welcoming students.


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  • Great Starts: Veteran Principals Offer Opening Day Tips
    Are you a first-year principal? A veteran with many years under your belt? Doesn't matter! All principals will learn a thing or two from this article about making the first day of the new school year a smooth one. Included: Tips for a great first day.

    When All Else Fails, Turn to the Survival Kit
    Though the new school year may seem daunting on the first day, survival kits can help teachers and students feel welcome and inspire them to start the year on a positive note. Ingredients can include bandages, Life Savers, pennies

    High Notes, Hayrides, and Hot Dogs: Making Open House a Hit
    With so many parents and children leading very busy lives, schools need to do more than simply open their doors during open house activities; they need to draw families inside. Learn what some schools are doing to turn Open House Night into a must-see event.

    It's Back-to-School Time for Administrators Too
    Education World has gathered 20 great resources from our archive that offer advice, tips, and resources all principals should have at their fingertips.

    Open House: When First Impressions Matter
    The first open house of the school year gives administrators and teachers a chance to make a good first impression, gain parents' support, create a personal connection with parents, and establish ways for continued communication. Tips included.

    Principals Search for Words to Rally the Troops
    Want to get the year off to a good start? Looking for the words to motivate your staff? Here are the messages a few of your colleagues plan to pass along to "the troops" at the start of the new school year.

    Principals Set Goals for New School Year
    Education World invited our "Principal Files" principals to share the goals they have set for the school year that just got underway. The goals those principals shared are as varied as the schools they represent.

    Increase Parent Involvement With First Day of School Activities
    Read about how schools across the nation -- in urban, rural, and suburban areas -- are breaking down barriers with parents and their communities by making the first day of school an exciting holiday with special activities that include everyone.

    Making Class Lists Needn't Be a Nightmare
    You've just completed the annual ritual -- the creation of next year's class lists. You've promised yourself you'll look for ways to make the process run more smoothly next year. First step: Read this advice from Education World's "Principal Files" principals.

    Principal Goes Door to Door With Back-to-School Message
    Tired of low student turnouts on the first few days of school, Hartford, Connecticut, principal Dr. Robert E. Morris decided to remind parents about the opening of school. In person. Staff and community members joined Morris walking door-to-door.

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