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The Sky's the Limit!
The anniversary of the Sears Tower "topping out" is the perfect time to explore some of the world's tallest buildings! Skyscrapers are a great curriculum topic -- with lots of concepts and numbers for students to wrap their minds around! Included: Activities across the curriculum!


Discover Engineering Online
This site aims to entice adolescents to explore the world of engineering as a possible career choice. Engineering accomplishments that are of particular interest to young people are examined.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
This Web site focuses on the contributions of 20th-century engineering ingenuity and innovation that helped shape the world in which we live. The achievements were selected and ranked by a panel of experts based on the greatest contribution to the quality of life in the past 100 years.

Mr. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle
This Web-based, middle school math project takes students through the process of determining the cost of building an Egyptian pyramid today.

Energy Conservation Enhancement Project
The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources has put together a Web site with lesson plans based on energy conservation for a multitude of classroom subjects, from language arts to diesel mechanics.

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Building Careers in Alberta's Trade Industry
Information for youth interested in Alberta's construction industry.

National Center for Construction Education and Research
We are the 501(C)3 established by the construction and industrial maintenance industries to standardize craft, safety, and management education curricula related to educating individuals of all ages.

Careers in Construction
A great resource for students interested in a construction career. This site offers info, chats, essay contests, and a construction career FAQ that will help inspire students.

This is the web site of Bob Vila, host of the popular home remodeling TV show -- Home Again. Here you can explore resources and how-to info, or ask Bob for answers!



Build dynamic woodworking educational projects using dowels, balls, gravity, and pendulum action, Scouts, amateurs, teaching aids, hobby, family fun, entertainment, science texts.

Free Woodworking Info
Free Woodworking Info was designed for the home craftsperson who has specific questions about a project their doing or one they would like to do.

A website for the professional and soon to be professional woodworker. This site has project plans, power tool specs, articles, wood profiles, tips and tricks and much more!