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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 16, 2000

Discover Engineering Online

This site aims to entice adolescents to explore the world of engineering as a possible career choice. Engineering accomplishments that are of particular interest to young people are examined.

The well-designed Discover Engineering Online has very cool graphics that will appeal to adolescents.

Visitors can easily navigate the site from the left-side menu bar that appears on each page.

Are your students curious about why golf balls have dimples? Do they want to build a catapult or pinewood derby car? How about constructing an underwater world or building a paper structure that will support a textbook? Discover Engineering Online offers students the opportunity to explore the world of engineering in a fun, interactive way. Users can investigate different engineering accomplishments and learn about the engineers who created them. Other content includes information on becoming an engineer and the work they do, games, cool stuff, ideas, downloads and links to engineering societies and other resources. Adolescents are sure to find this site engaging.