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School Gardens Sprouting in Chicago
Chicago kids help create urban gardens.

From September 17 to 23, the Humane Society of the United States and its local chapters are promoting public awareness of farm animals--those productive, hardworking creatures that contribute so much to our survival and comfort. What better time to enjoy some lively, informative, and fun Web sites all about farm animals?

New Books Help Growing Kids Grow Great Gardens!
Green-thumbed kids can grow schoolyard gardens, victory gardens, salsa gardens, and more. Find great ideas for growing great classroom projects in three recently released books!

Gems from the Garden --- Digging Up Activities for All Ages!
As temperatures warm and snow melts, educators search for ways to invite new growth into their classrooms. The Internet is full of hands-on activities for the indoor and outdoor gardener. Plant a seed, design a garden, or investigate the life of a worm --- welcome the new season with those activities and a crop of others! Included: Online resources for students to plan and plant their own Fantasy Farm!

Great Sites for Teaching About......Gardens
Each week, Education Worlds Great Sites for Teaching About page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. This weeks sites are among the best on the Web for teaching about gardens.

Schoolyard Soil Dwellers: Whats Living in Your Schoolyard?
As a part of an online project called Schoolyard Soil Dwellers, students are digging up their playgrounds to uncover critters that make the land their home. Participants in this creative online project are discovering the rewards of getting their hands dirty and comparing data across the miles! Included: Teachers and students share their experiences with the project!

"Harvesting" the Web for Farm Resources
Fall is the traditional harvest time. Leaves are falling, pumpkins are ripening, and apples are just waiting to be picked from the trees. With many crops ready to be gathered, it's the perfect time to "farm" the Internet for agricultural resources! Included: Web sites for students of all ages!

State Fair Activities: Fun and Challenges
Where can you find cows, candy apples, country singers, and Cajun cooking -- all in one place? You'll see all of those things, and more, at a typical state fair in 1998. A tradition in many states, these fairs bring people together to celebrate their heritage and enjoy the fun things in life.

From Maize to Milk: A Barnyard Full of Activities!
Put on your straw hat and grab a pitchfork -- it's time to go down on the farm! These activities -- centered around pigs, corn, milk, and more -- are guaranteed to make your students "hoot and holler"! Activities for all ages!

Composting in Schools
The site has resources, information, and experiments for students to learn about composting.

Farm Safety Just 4 Kids
The mission of Farm Safety 4 Just Kids is to prevent childhood farm-related injuries, health risks, and fatalities.

Kinder Garden
The information here serves as an introduction to activities and ideas for allowing children to interact with plants and the outdoors.

Vineyard Challenge
An online, interactive game that incorporates concepts found in farming, business and marketing. The user is given a set amount of money with which to purchase a vineyard and grow crops. The outcome is based on several choices made by the user.

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The National 4-H Counsel

Agriculture in the Classroom
The Ag in the Classroom Program helps students in grades PreK-12 become agriculturally literate. The program encourages educators to teach more about the food and fiber system and the role of agriculture in our economy and society.

The United States Department of Agriculture main page with lots of resources and links.

Higher Education Programs
A list of prgorams available to students provided by the United States Department of Agriculture.

4-H in the USA

Food and Agricultural Education Information System (FAEIS)
A broad range of higher education statistics related to the food and agricultural sciences.

The Nationally Juried 4-H Experiential Learning Youth Development Curriculum Collection
...by Curriculum Category

A list of resources and projects from the National 4-H Web

A list of resources and projects from the National 4-H Web