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Ancient China
A British Museum site on this most venerable civilization.
Grade Level: n/a
The Ancient China Website utilizes objects from the British Museum’s collection to present this online resource for teachers and students. It includes resources that can be used independently by students aged 9-11 as well as background information and support for teachers.

North American Mammals
A Smithsonian site all about our furry friends.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
This site from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History is a “searchable database of all living mammals of North America”. The database features detailed descriptions, images, diagrams and distribution range maps for more 400 mammals native to the North American continent and particularly the United States.

Journey Through the Galaxy
A "mini-net" of pages that explore the galaxy.
Grade Level: 6-12
Journey Through the Galaxy, supported by Case Western University, features information and resources for teaching and learning about “our solar system, stars, extra-solar planets, the theories about the past and future of the universe, and human exploration of space."

Professional site of interest to high school biology teachers.
Grade Level: 9-12
CivilWar@Smithsonian, produced by the National Portrait Gallery, uses the vast resources of the Smithsonian to explore the Civil War.

Need we say more? The Smithsonian's presentation on the Civil War.
Grade Level: 6-12
CivilWar@Smithsonian, produced by the National Portrait Gallery, uses the vast resources of the Smithsonian to explore the Civil War.

National Constitution Center: Resources for Educators and Students
Includes the new Constitution Day site at http://www.constitutionday.us/
Grade Level: 6-12
This site provides lesson plans, discussion starters and other materials for teaching and learning about the Constitution of the United States.

America on the Move
Theme driven site by the Smithsonian on transportation and its ramifications.
Grade Level: 3-12
This site from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History explores how transportation changed American “lives, landscapes, cultures and communities”. It includes an activity guide and over 1,000 artifacts and photos.

Algebra Solutions
Algebra section of the very useful GoMath site.
Grade Level: 6-12
Algebra Solutions is a part of the larger GoMath site and offers students the opportunity to practice pre-algebra and algebra problems online and get step-by-step instructions for finding the solutions, worksheets, and mini-lessons.

First School
Useful site for teachers of preschool kids.
Grade Level: K-2
First-School provides lesson plans, activities, crafts and a wealth of other materials for preschool age children. These would be especially helpful for home schooling and childcare providers as well as preschool and kindergarten teachers.