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September 2005

Journey Through the Galaxy
A "mini-net" of pages that explore the galaxy.
Grade Level: 6-12

Journey Through the Galaxy, supported by Case Western University, features information and resources for teaching and learning about “our solar system, stars, extra-solar planets, the theories about the past and future of the universe, and human exploration of space."
The site’s simple design offers easy access to the five main topic areas through the navigation bar at the top of the front page. Each topic is further grouped into a series of subtopics. Content is offered in two versions: the regular version for elementary grade students and the advanced version for college level students.

Teachers and students of astronomy will find valuable materials at this site that offers a wealth of information on the solar system, stars, other worlds, cosmos’ life and more. The content is provided in two versions geared to elementary students and older students. Diagrams, pictures and graphs throughout the site help to explain the material. Each section also has embedded links to the Astronomy Glossary as well as to more information. Users will find information on a wide variety of topics such as the sun, each of the planets, asteroids, comets, Kuiper Belt, formation of stars, black holes, binary and variable stars, extra-solar planet data, the Big Bang Theory, a history of exploration and much more.


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