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September 2005

Ancient China
A British Museum site on this most venerable civilization.
Grade Level: n/a


The Ancient China Website utilizes objects from the British Museum’s collection to present this online resource for teachers and students. It includes resources that can be used independently by students aged 9-11 as well as background information and support for teachers.
This interactive site is user friendly and can be easily navigated from the front page menu that lists the five main areas. Additionally, users can find the search features by clicking on the Staff Room link and use the drop down menus to search the resources by chapter, topic or historical skills. Shockwave 8.5, Flash 6, Acrobat Reader are recommended.

This educational and interactive site is geared to independent use by students aged 9-11 and their teachers. It offers information and classroom resources that explore different aspects of ancient Chinese culture including Crafts and Artisans, Time, Geography, and Tombs and Ancestors. Each section includes the story (background information), explore (interactive activity) and challenge (classroom activity) for students. The staff room provides teachers with the tools and information to use the site effectively in the classroom. The ready to use activities include discussions that provide a line of questioning for the teacher to develop and background information, an information gathering activity for students that is accompanied by teachers’ notes and background information, follow-ups that provide extension activities and suggestions for use in the classroom, and a wide variety of background information sheets. Included is setup advice for the classroom and educational goals.


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