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September 2005

First School
Useful site for teachers of preschool kids.
Grade Level: K-2

First-School provides lesson plans, activities, crafts and a wealth of other materials for preschool age children. These would be especially helpful for home schooling and childcare providers as well as preschool and kindergarten teachers.
The site has a simple design with both an alphabetical index and theme/category index. The index is listed on the left side of the pages for easy access and a site map is included. Many of the activities are available in Spanish. Pages do contain flashing advertisements.

This is a site that preschool teachers as well as parents and other caregivers will find useful. It contains a wealth of materials such as lesson plans, activity pages, crafts, and other resources for working with children ages 2-6. Themes include topics of interest to young children such as plants, animals, holidays, nursery rhymes, music, safety, community helpers and more. Users will also find a list of materials (usually found around the house) that are needed for the crafts and activities.


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