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Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Which Side Are You On?

Subjects: Life Sciences, Mental Health, Psychology, Language Arts,
Grade: 9-12

Glenn Day, a teacher in Indiana, submitted this week's lesson on the human brain.

Brief Description

Following a lecture and student discussion about the right and left hemispheres of the brain, students determine whether they are right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant -- and what that means.


Students learn that different regions of the brain are responsible for specific tasks and recognize that brain dominance helps determine personality and behavior.


human brain, learning, behavior, personality

Materials Needed

Lesson Plan

Explain the following to students:

  • The brain is divided into two hemispheres that utilize two different modes of thinking. In each individual, one side of the brain is more dominant than the other side.
  • Brain dominance affects how a person processes information (learns).
  • How a person learns affects personality and behavior.
  • Whether people are right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant, they possess characteristics of both hemispheres in their personalities and behavior.
  • Modern society and the educational system tend to discriminate against the right hemisphere and nonverbal forms of intellect.
Use online and print resources to provide students with a detailed examination of the two document.write("hemispheres of the human brain. Information should cover R-mode and L-mode characteristics and behaviors and discuss how the ways people process knowledge affects personality development. Following the lecture, students should be able to answer the following questions:
  • What are the key characteristics of L-mode and R-mode sides of the brain?
  • What type of stimuli do typical right-brain people and left-brain people respond to, and how does that affect personality and behavior?
  • How can knowing whether he or she is more right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant help a person learn and live?


Students complete a short quiz in which they determine whether they are right- or left-brain dominant.


Students determine whether they are more right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant based on the Right Brain-Left Brain Dominance Quiz. ( Answer Key)

Lesson Plan Source

Glenn Day, ([email protected]) Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana


Originally published 06/15/2000
Links last updated 02/02/2010

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