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Right Brain-Left Brain Dominance Answer Key


  1. Faces=right-brain behavior; Names=left-brain behavior

  2. Spontaneous=right-brain behavior; Organized=left-brain behavior

  3. Fantasy=right-brain behavior; Realistic=left-brain behavior

  4. Intuition=right-brain behavior; Logic=left-brain behavior

  5. Open-ended=right-brain behavior; Well-structured=left-brain behavior

  6. Pictures=right-brain behavior; Language=left-brain behavior

  7. Creative=right-brain behavior; Not creative=left brain behavior

  8. Humorous=right-brain behavior; Serious=left-brain behavior

  9. Main idea and overview=right-brain behavior; Details and facts=left-brain behavior

  10. Exploration=right-brain behavior; Systematic plans=left-brain behavior.

Total Score: _____ Right-Brain Responses; ______ Left-Brain Responses

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