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Right Brain-Left Brain Dominance Quiz

Right Brain/Left Brain Dominance Quiz

  1. Are you better at recognizing and remembering names or faces?
    Circle one: Names Faces

  2. Are you an organized individual or a spontaneous individual?
    Circle one: Organized Spontaneous

  3. Do you like realistic stories or stories that deal in fantasy?
    Circle one: Realistic Fantasy

  4. Do you problem-solve using logic or intuition?
    Circle one: Logic Intuition

  5. Do you like well-structured assignments or open-ended assignments?
    Circle one: Well-structured Open-ended

  6. Do you remember things easily through language or through pictures?
    Circle one: Language Pictures

  7. Do you consider yourself to be very creative or not creative?
    Circle one: Creative Not creative

  8. Do you often produce humorous thoughts and ideas or serious thoughts and ideas?
    Circle one: Humorous Serious

  9. Do you read for details and facts or for main ideas and overviews?
    Circle one: Details/facts Main idea/overview

  10. Do you learn through systematic plans or through exploration?
    Circle one: Systematic plans Exploration

    Now use the key to help you understand whether you are right-brain dominant or left-brain dominant.

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