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Some teachers have asked, How can I ensure that my lesson might be considered for publication on Education World? Following are a few guidelines:
  • The lesson should be one you've used successfully in the classroom. It should be one that motivated your students. It should be among the best lessons you've presented this school year.


  • The lesson should be practical and focused. Preference will be given to lessons that can be completed in a reasonable length of time with minimal preparation. (Do not submit teaching units. If you have a favorite unit, take a look at it, select the best activity from it, and submit that activity. If you have two favorite activities from the same unit, submit them individually.)


  • Preference will be given to lessons that provide strategies or activities that can be used across the grades and curriculum. A lesson with a narrow focus will likely not be given as much consideration as an activity that could be used across multiple grades.


  • Preference will be given to lessons that provide few, or no, links to other Web sites. The reason for this guideline is that Web links often move or "die." Dead links can render a lesson useless; and it is time consuming for our small editorial team to stay in top of, and replace, dead links as they arise.


  • The lesson should be clearly written and include step-by-step directions; it should be understandable to anyone who reads it. We suggest that submitters ask someone who is totally unfamiliar with the lesson to read it before it is submitted. Is there anything that person doesn't understand? If so, clarify it before submitting the lesson.


  • The lesson should include descriptions of any special materials required. If your lesson includes materials that are not readily available or cost significant money, the chance that lesson will be published is less likely than if the materials required are readily available. Do not submit lessons the intent of which is to promote a particular book or product.


  • The lesson might be completely original or it might have been adapted from another source. If the lesson is adapted, it should include some original elements. Whenever possible, the original source should be credited in the appropriate space on the submittal form.

Please take time to visit an example of a well thought-out and well written lesson plan as you prepare to submit yours:



Submit yours here.