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L E S S O N     P L A N    
How Are You Doing With My Crusade?

Subject: Language Arts, Current Events
Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Terrie Lynn Bittner, who teaches in a homeschool in Bartlett, Illinois, submitted this week's lesson. Students learn about women who fought for change and explore the current status of the battles they fought.

Brief Description

Students use the Internet site Past Times to research the work of a famous woman from the past and then determine the current status of the issue she championed. Results are reported in a fictional format.


Students think critically as they research, evaluate progress made in social causes, and write a fictional story.

Key Concepts

  • Creative Writing
  • Research
  • Critical Thinking
  • Source Evaluation
  • Women

Materials Needed

Internet access, Past Times, writing materials, access to a library and/or newspapers, art supplies (optional).

Lesson Plan

Note: This activity can be done by students working individually or in small groups.

Students write a story based on the following instructions:

"You have discovered a magic transporter that can return you to the past. Describe or draw the device. Then visit the person whose cause you have researched, learn about her work, and report on the current status of the cause she championed. Travel with the woman through time, visiting locations that show the history of her cause. Finally, write a story about your experiences. Be sure to clearly explain the progress, or lack of progress, in accomplishing the woman's goals, and describe how she feels about the current status of the issue."

Students read the articles at Past Times or printed copies of selected articles from the site. Articles especially suited for this project include the following:

Students identify some of the causes women have fought for.

Each student selects a cause.

Students use library or online resources to learn about the current status of their chosen issues. For example, Leta Stetter Hollingworth tried to create new methods for teaching gifted students. A student who chose Hollingworth might learn about options for teaching gifted children today, including how they are taught in your district.


Assessment is based on evaluation of the written assignment. An oral presentation might also be required.

Lesson Plan Source

Terrie Lynn Bittner, homeschool teacher, Bartlett, Illinois

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