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5 Valentine’s Day Crafts Your Students Will Love

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It's almost Valentine's Day! Do you know how you're going to get crafty with your students?

Parent and teacher bloggers commonly post great arts and crafts for young kids leading up to his lovely holiday, and you’ll find nifty crafts from leading outlet brands like Disney and Martha Stewart to fit perfectly in your classroom.

The following art crafts are great for elementary school students, and include a range from K-8. All are simple yet creatively stimulating, and are fun projects kids will enjoy doing again year after year.


1. Painted Newspaper Heart Postcards


Grade Level: 1-5

Materials: newspaper, watercolors, paint brushes, postcards, scissors, and rubber cement

Project: Students will create multi-colored, layered heart Valentines using newspaper and postcards. This craft is bright and colorful, and encourages creative thinking with every day items. After they’re finished, students can send them to relatives or friends who live too far away to visit on Valentine’s Day.


2. Princess Belle’s Rose Valentine Bookmarks 


Grade Level: 3-6

Materials: Scrapbook paper, glue, pipe cleaners, ribbon

Project: This pretty, Disney-inspired project involves creating paper roses to be used as bookmarks. Using scrapbook paper, students will cut heart shapes, and fold them to look like roses. Pipe cleaners act as the stem of the flower.


3. Felt Valentine Fortune Cookies


Grade Level: 6-8

Materials: Felt, ribbon, floral wire, fabric, wire cutters, craft glue

Project: Students will make fortune “cookie” valentines out of felt fabric, and fill them a personalized note and candy kisses. Assembly is very simple, though you may want to pre-cut floral wire before the lesson. These are cute to exchange with friends and family.


4. Glitter Hand Print Craft 


Grade Level: K-2

Materials: large construction paper, pencil, glue, glitter, scissors

Project: Students will have fun getting a little messy with this sticky, sparkly project. They will trace the shape of their hands on construction paper, coat the shapes in glue, and sprinkle them with glitter! If you want a less messy alternative, a similar project can be created using paint hand prints.


5. Fuzzy Love Bug Friends


Grade Level: K-3

Materials: Pom-poms, foam hearts,pipe cleaners, wiggle eyes, glue

Project: Young kids will love creating these fuzzy little love buggies. It’s as simple as gluing a pom-pom to a foam heart base, and adding some googly eyes and pipe cleaner ears. Let them make a whole family!


By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor