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If you're looking to land a principalship (or assistant principalship), you know the challenges involved. But there are things you can do to give yourself a leg up on your competition for the job. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories and practical tips that might just give you an advantage others don't have.


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The Questions I Wish Id Asked When Interviewing for the Principalship
As you prepare to interview for that next school leadership position, Education Worlds Principal Files team offers questions you might ask when the interviewers invite your participation. Included: Ten principals offer the questions they wished theyd asked.

Interviewing for the Principalship: Tips from Principals
Interviewing can be a grueling process. But aspiring principals can relieve the pain by heeding this advice from our "Principal Files" team. Included: Practice interview questions, sound advice, plus a few surprises that might be encountered along the way.

Paul Young: Landing Your First Principalship
When it comes to being interviewed for that first principalship, all principals-to-be can benefit from the experience of a mentor. Mentors help their mentees focus on what must be said rather on what not to say. Included: Tips for aspiring principals.

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Last updated 06/26/2008