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Time Management


Managing time is key to success in any job, but especially in your job as a school leader. Few people juggle as many different balls as principals and assistant principals do. The articles below from Education World's archive share stories and practical tips that will help you efficiently manage your tasks and time.

Stop It!
The principalship is one step shy of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, so a little diversion is nice. But when all the diversions in our day get in the way of what is most important, we need to say Stop it! because sometimes succinct wins.


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Pete Hall: Who's Doing the Work Here, Anyway?
I'll just spit this out there: It's time that we, as educators, evaluate everything that we do in our classrooms. Many of us are spending a tremendous amount of time and a monumental amount of energy in low-yield practices.

Give Yourself the Best Gift -- The Gift of Time
Time. Busy principals always seem to need more of it. So why do they give so much of it away so freely? By gaining control of the time you do have, principals can save precious minutes every day and create more hours in a week for more important things.

Pete Hall: Prioritize and Delegate Your Way to Effective Leadership
"If a principal cannot effectively prioritize time and energy, and if a principal cannot delegate certain tasks and decisions, then that principal will find him or herself dangling at the end of a very short rope over a frothing sea of sharks, piranhas..."

Principals Offer Practical, Timely "Time Management" Tips
Have you mastered the 3 D's (Delegate it, Dump it, or Do it)? Could a "closed-door policy" help you better manage your time? Maybe you should set up "satellite offices" -- or find a hiding place? EW's "Principal Files" team offers those tips and more.

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