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The Principal's Job

The principal's job is so multi-faceted that no one can possibly master all of its elements. Polishing strengths and building up weaknesses are the focus of every principal's development. The articles below from Education World's archive shed light and share principals' reflections on the biggest joys -- and challenges -- of the job.

Principals Reflect on the Best Parts of the Job
Being a school principal is a tough job. But many principals stick with it because the joys of the job far outweigh the frustrations. Education World's "Principal Files" team recently reflected on what it is that gets them out of bed each morning.



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See our complete archive of Focus On articles. More than three dozen hot topics of interest to principals.

What's the Most Frustrating Part of Being a Principal?
What are the biggest challenges faced by school principals? Members of our "Principal Files" team recently shared the downside of being a school leader. They reflected about unfunded mandates, kids who fall through the cracks, a lack of parent support, and more.

BRAVO Principals Care About People
How do caring principals show teachers and students that they care? Sandra Harris shares ten traits of caring principals that she has observed -- ten ways in which principals make teachers and students feel important, respected, recognized, heard, and included.

Mastering the New Three R's
Most educators find themselves constantly feeling that they have too much to do and too little time. John Blaydes offers advice for mastering the three R's of resiliency, renewal, and reflection to keep you healthy and make you more productive.

Sharing Your Legacy: Words of Advice and Encouragement to the Next Generation of School Principals
The knowledge of thousands of soon-to-retire principals will be lost forever unless we capture it in some way for the next generation of school principals. A new project is intent on capturing the knowledge with which you will retire.

The Journey Back: Administrators Return to the Classroom
They have taken the path from the classroom to the principalship and beyond, then gone back because they realized the lure of teaching surpassed their desire to sit at the helm. Included: Advice for school leaders who are thinking about returning to the classroom.

ABC Book of the Principal's Job
What do principals do? That's the question we asked our "Principal Files" team last month. They told us what they do, and here are their responses -- from A to Z. Included: Contributions from more than a dozen great principals.

Principals Collaborate, Bring About School Change
After years of working in isolation, a group of Milwaukee principals decided to collaborate rather than compete. Principals create yearlong themes, share problems and strategies, and advocate for all students. Included: Descriptions of the group's programs.

Teachers Urged to Consider Principalship
The principal's job can be a difficult, high-stress one. But it's a job that most principals would never give up. Education World's "Principal Files" principals share words of encouragement for educators who might consider a path that leads to the principal's office.

The Best and Worst Things About Being a Principal
A recent study by Public Agenda documents principals' feelings about their jobs. Today, Education World does its own survey. Our "Principal Files" principals share their thoughts about the best and worst principal tasks.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Our "Principals Files" principals own up to some of their biggest mistakes -- and, therefore, their biggest opportunities to become better school administrators. They share how they learned the importance of communicating, quiet leadership, understanding kids

Decisions, Decisions: A Week in the Life of a Principal
Seven of Education World's "Principal Files" principals tracked the decisions they made each day for a week. We compiled those decisions to paint a picture of "a week in the life of a principal."

What Do Principals Do?
A principal's job responsibilities are endless... They involve monitoring and mentoring, planning and policing, evaluating and envisioning Students at one school shared their unique perspectives on what their principal does. Included: An activity idea for all principals.

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