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Artcyclopedia: The Fine Art Search Engine
This site is a comprehensive database of museum-quality fine art that can be viewed on the Internet.

Kodak Picture Playground
The Kodak Picture Playground is a great place to let kids manipulate digital images. They can turn pictures into cartoons; add faces to flowers and animals; and change the saturation, hue, and other qualities of the image. Tips for using digital cameras and creating digital images are also included.

Totally Tessellated: An Introduction to Tessellations
A tessellation is a repeating geometric pattern. Examples of these beautiful designs can be seen in the mosaics of Mediterranean culture and the surrealist art of M. C. Escher. Totally Tessellated takes you on an exploration into the history and construction of a variety of different types of tessellations.

For all aspect of an art teacher's profession, this site provides stimulation and a great deal of quality content.

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Big Mike's Wacky World of Illustration
This site is targeted to middle school students and older interested in an illustration career. Lots of information and links presented in a well organized, fun and interesting way.

Official web site of Best-Selling authot/cartoonist Christopher Hart. Get all the tips, tools and info you need to draw cartoons, animation, comic strips, comic books, animals and much more.

Web Page Design for Designers
WPDFD is a site about designing for the World Wide Web, with a particular emphasis on graphic design and content rather than on technology.