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S I T E     R E V I E W
Reviewed October, 1996
Link updated December 1, 2004



For all aspect of an art teacher's profession, this site provides stimulation and a great deal of quality content.

This is a well designed site that has a contemporary art feel. The graphics are well-sized and come up quickly.

Each major area of this site is well described and accessible from the home page (but you can not jump between areas within the site.

This site is a service of the Getty Education Institute for the Arts, and advocates Discipline-based art education (DBAE). The site offers a rich "Classroom Resources" section, which offers in-depth DBAE Lesson Plans, Curriculum Ideas, and a great section called "Image Finder", which lists all images (from lo- to hi-res) that are available for downloading at the site. There is a reading room which caters to the professional educator, with articles relating to arts education and DBAE. On the political side, there is a section entitled "Winning Support for Arts Education" which lists articles and ideas about how to raise awareness of the value of arts education. There is an email discussion list to join, a calendar of events, a "Web Gateway", and a Site Search capability. Don't forget to check out their changing Online Exhibit, which not only shows the work of an artist, but also gives reading lists and fosters online discussions. If you are involved with arts education, or simply want to check out a well-designed site, this is a must-see.