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Social Science : Economics
This is the archive of all our Teacher Submitted Lesson Plans on the subject of Economics.


Interest Grows in Checkbook Math Lessons
Personal finance lessons are becoming popular in middle schools, and teachers say the lessons can help with basic skills and behavior. Several teachers tell Education World how they brought real-world skills into the classroom.

Reaching (and Teaching) Kids Through Entrepreneurial Education: An Education World e-Interview
How does a teacher reach inner-city kids who see no point in learning reading and math because traditional schoolwork just seems irrelevant to their lives? Education World gets a resounding answer to that question from Steve Mariotti, a former business executive who turned to teaching. Mariotti has taught inner-city students to become entrepreneurs and co-authored "The Young Entrepreneur's Guide to Starting and Running a Business."

Create Your Own Business!
Clyde Winters, who teaches at Bennett-Shedd School in Chicago, Illinois, submitted this week's lesson, in which students create their own businesses.

Entrepreneurs in the Classroom: M.Y.O.B. Spells Success
Discover how two eighth-grade teachers in Connecticut integrated school-to-career connections in their curriculum --- and learn how you can Mind Your Own Business too!

Mrs. Burton Means Business
Recycling Kids, Inc. teaches business skills while involving parents and helping the environment.

Stock Market Games Bring Math to Life
Are your students in the market for meaningful math? Check out these on-line stock market simulations! Included: A fourth-grade teacher and her students talk about a fun and educational on-line stock market game!

Get Real: Math in Everyday Life
How many times have your students asked "When are we ever going to use this in real life?" Discover eight great answers --- eight great Web sites for teaching real world math!

Kids Helping Kids: UNICEF Kit Teaches Kids About Child Labor
A free teaching kit from UNICEF builds student awareness about the worldwide problem of child labor. Included: Information about UNICEF's Kids Speak Up for Kids Essay Contest. Additional activities included.

Designed by Tim Draper, a venture capitalist, this course helps students learn to design, manufacture, and market simple products.

Here is a wacky way to learn about the world of finance. In this free shareware game, Gazillionaire, you become "an intergalactic wheeler-dealer rocketing among the 7 planets of Kukubia as the head of your own trading company."

Lemonade Stand
This site has an interactive online version of the "Lemonade Stand" computer game. Users operate a lemonade stand in order to make a profit and win the game.

Vineyard Challenge
An online, interactive game that incorporates concepts found in farming, business and marketing. The user is given a set amount of money with which to purchase a vineyard and grow crops. The outcome is based on several choices made by the user.

Social Sciences:

The MainXed Stock Game
The MainXed Stock Game is the fun and totally FREE way to learn how the stock market really works -- without risking a dime