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Science Subject Center 3


Dangerous Animal Facts
From sharks to tarantulas to snakes, students often are fascinated by dangerous animals. Capitalize on their interest with this fun online lesson in which students identify three facts on a dangerous animal then record those facts on a printable graphic organizer.

New Approach to Teaching Math, Science Spurs Gains
Instructing teachers to use computational math and science in their lessons has led to marked student improvement in two New York districts. Dr. Osman Yasar, director of the institute that trains teachers in this approach, explains why.

Get into the Flow with an Interactive Volcano
Spark interest in volcanoes with this technology-rich science lesson for grades 4-8. Working in small groups, students research volcanos and create PowerPoint slides. They then make an interactive table of contents using a volcano diagram and Action Buttons.

Sites to See: Airplanes
Looking for history, math, and science activities and resources for your next transportation or aviation unit? Look no farther! From interactive, student-driven demonstrations to detailed timelines to facts on the physics of flying and more, these sites have what you're looking for.

An Out-of-This-World Crossword Puzzle
Make planetary facts fun with this online lesson about Earth's solar system. Students visit an interactive Web site to research the planets and Sun in Earth's solar system, then create original crossword puzzles based on their research.

Plant Growth
Students learn about the parts of a seed, as they plant seeds and observe and record their growth.

Human Body Board Game
Students research a system of the human body, write questions and answers on game cards created in Word, and then play the game using a game board template from Word. This is a great culminating activity at the end of a unit!

Sites to See: Zoology
Zoology sites provide information and resources pertaining to the study of animals. Resources include photographs, video clips, multimedia activities, essays, lesson plans, games, quizzes, and puzzles. Included: A dozen sites to enhance a study of animals.

Green Schools Save the Environment, Money
Green schools, which are built to rely more on natural resources or have extensive recycling and conservation programs, may sound expensive or a lot of work, but actually they save districts money in the long run, some experts say.

Life Science
Visitors to these life science sites will find information about organisms and life processes, as well as such resources as interactive activities, teacher guides, videos, animations, virtual labs, and hands-on activities for the classroom. Fifteen sites to engage students in life science.


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