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Learning Games Archive

Math Facts Race
A fun math race reinforces math facts in a very visual way.
Math (Grades K-8)

Read the Teacher's Mind
Word game reinforces vocabulary skills and more.
Language Arts, Spelling ( K-12)

You Can Count on Spelling
Calculate the numerical value of words in Scrabble fashion.
Math, Language Arts, Spelling (Grades K-12)

Find It Fast!
Hold a fast-paced review of any subject.
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Math Fact War
Use a traditional card game to practice math facts.
Math (Grades K-8)

"Unanimouse" Spelling
Students review words quietly and cooperatively.
Language Arts, Spelling (Grades K-5)

"Concentration" Review Game
Use a classic game format to review a variety of skills.
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

"Show Me the Money"
Students answer math problems and make efficient change.
Math (Grades K-8)

The Dictionary Game
Students guess the real meanings of unfamiliar words.
Language Arts (Grades 3-8)

Secret Word
Students give clues to a "secret word" and reinforce vocabulary skills.
Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Math Bingo
Apply a mathematical twist to a classic classroom game.
Math (Grades K-12)

Out of the Box
Students think "out of the box" to generate original lists of words.
Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Simon Says "Who Are You?"
Highlight similarities and differences among your students with a variation of Simon Says.
Health (Grades K-5)

"I Am..."
Students match words with their definitions in this notecard game.
Language Arts, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Spelling Takes a Hit
Students swat letters to spell words in a very active game.
Language Arts, Spelling, Physical Education, Foreign Language (Grades K-5)

Sequence Surprise
Reinforce sequential order and numbers with a quick and fun math game.
Math (Grades K-12)

Play Ball: A Major League Review Game
Students reinforce their knowledge as they run the bases.
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

A "Puzzling" Activity
Use puzzles to promote thinking skills and cooperation among students.
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Number Line Game
Reinforce number line concepts and the addition of positive and negative integers.
Math (Grades 3-8)

Scholarly Squares
Students play tic-tac-toe to review any subject.
All Subjects (Grades 6-12)

Student teams use logic and reasoning to guess each other's five-letter words.
Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

Musical Spelling Words
This spelling practice will have your students singing a new tune.
Spelling (Grades K-5)

Dice-and-Math Game
Students reinforce computation skills as they perform math operations with dice.
Math (Grades K-12)

Fabulous Friends
Kids get to know each other better with this questionnaire.
Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

Friendly Feud
Review any subject or skill with this classroom version of "Family Feud."
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Slice of Life
Students think about and graph their daily activities with friends.
Language Arts, Math (Grades 3-12)

Wacky Word Play
Reinforce thinking skills with "droodles."
Language Arts, Educational Technology (Grades 3-12)

Rewriting History
Use study skills and your imagination in this history game.
History, Social Studies, All Subjects (Grades 3-12)

Human Body Simon Says
Review the names and locations of parts of the body.
Health, Physical Education, Science (Grades K-12)

Who Am I?
A volunteer asks questions of peers to reveal a secret identity.
Language Arts, Social Studies, History (Grades 3-12)

Math Madness
Review computation skills with this small-group game.
Math (Grades K-12)

Tic-Tac-Toe Kids in a Row
Students play a life-size version of their favorite strategy game. All Subjects (Grades K-12)

100 Famous Quotes
Students memorize important quotes and play a game in teams.
Language Arts (Grades 3-12)

Heads Up, Study Up
Play a favorite classroom game to review math facts, spelling, and more.
Math, All Subjects (Grades 3-8)

Students put themselves in order without talking.
All Subjects (Grades K-12)

Spin and Spell
Teams of students use their spelling knowledge and some luck to win.
Spelling (Grades K-12)