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Winning Lesson Plan

Encouraging Answers

Subject: All
Grade: All

Brief Description

This activity provides a fun way to encourage students to participate in class as well as to reward those who have the right answers.


  • To encourage students to be on time to class, participate in class, and do good work.


classroom management, behavior, self-esteem, game

Materials Needed

A roll of tickets, which can be purchased at most office supply stores (NOTE: I tear each ticket in half, and get twice the mileage out of them; one roll has lasted me two years!)

Lesson Plan

As an opener to class, I often walk around the room asking questions from the previous day's work. When a student raises his or her hand and answers correctly, I hand out a ticket. The student writes his or her name on the back of the ticket. I collect tickets in a box. I also award tickets for outstanding homework papers, tests, behavior, or anything else to encourage. At the end of each month, the class has a drawing. Usually, I have three or four drawings, depending upon the number of prizes I have. Prizes include candy, small toys, pens, and a "mystery" prize in a box. (Students know that prize could be a "dud," an airline airsick bag, for example.) There are only two rules when they receive their prize.

  • They must say "THANK YOU" -- with meaning and feeling.
  • They must say convincingly, "IT IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!"


Kids of all ages have fun with this activity, and I have fun collecting inexpensive and "different" toys. The activity rewards great answers and offers immediate feedback. Students know that the activity often takes place at the start of class, so it encourages them to get to class. In addition, the activity teaches students to say thank you.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted By

Submitted by Pam Gregory, Enfield High School, Enfield, Conn.

The submitter of our highlighted lesson received a $50 honorarium. See our guidelines to submit your lesson plan!

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