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Brief Description

Teacher makes charts labeled with the names of various fruits and vegetables in each square. Students glue real seeds for those fruits and vegetables in the correct squares.


Students correctly answer questions about fruits and vegetables. Students correctly match real seeds with the names of the corresponding fruits and vegetables.

Key Concepts

fruit, vegetable, seeds, food chain, grow, temperature, climate, farmer, gardener

Materials Needed

  • teacher-made charts using graph paper that is divided into squares with the names of various fruits and vegetables written in each square on the chart
  • teacher-selected packages of various fruit and vegetable seeds (for example, apple, lettuce, celery)
  • glue
  • chalk and chalkboard
  • teacher-made answer page for students to check after they place the seeds in the appropriate squares

Lesson Plan

  • Teacher begins the lesson by asking the following questions and writing students' responses on the board.

    • What are your favorite fruits?
    • What are your favorite vegetables?
    • Where do they grow?
    • What kind of climate and/or weather is needed to grow these foods?
    • What materials does a farmer or gardener need to use in order to grow these foods?
    • Are these important foods in our diet? Why?
    • When do farmers or gardeners usually grow these items?

  • Divide the class into small groups. Distribute the charts and seeds. Tell students to put each seed on the correct square for each fruit and vegetable that is labeled on their charts.
  • After students place the seeds on the squares, check their papers to make sure that the seeds are placed correctly.
  • Distribute glue or have students use their own glue to paste the seeds in place.


Teacher evaluates how well students answer the questions in the lesson. Have students ask each other one question about the lesson. Write the students' questions and responses on the board.

Lesson Plan Source

Debbie DeBartolo, ([email protected]) Washington Primary School and Liberty Elementary School, Rocky Ford, Colorado

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