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Brief Description

Students read selected poems from the book Beast Feast, by Douglas Florian. Students identify at least two to three keyword facts about each beast highlighted in the poems.



  • listen for information.
  • identify specific keyword facts provided in the poetry.
  • write two to three facts they obtained from the poems read aloud.
  • identify adjectives that Douglas Florian uses in his poetry to create a keyword poster.

Key Concepts

adjectives, poetry, poem, beast, feast, Florian

Materials Needed

  • book Beast Feast, by Douglas Florian (The teacher preselects four to six poems that he or she would like to use in the lesson.)
  • plain white 8 -inch by 11-inch paper divided into boxes for each beast poem to be read. Note: If you are reading four poems, divide the paper into four boxes.
  • pencils and crayons

Lesson Plan

  • Review adjectives with the class. Review the use of keywords and demonstrate examples for the class, such as two-legged and hard-shelled.
  • Explain to students that they must listen for the descriptive words or adjectives in several poems that you will read aloud. Tell students to write down the keywords used to describe the beast in each poem. Read each poem twice.
  • Using one box per poem, students draw pictures of what they think the beasts look like by relying on the descriptions given in the poems read.

Activity Time



Each student should identify at least two to three keyword facts about each beast. Each student should complete a Beast Feast poster that includes keywords for each beast and a descriptive picture.

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Joanne Hughes, ([email protected]) Covert Avenue Elementary School, Elmont, New York

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