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Applying Character/Setting to Play Readings

Subject: Language Arts, Literature
Grade: 3-5, 6-8

Brief Description

Students identify two elements of a play (character/setting) in the text of a book.


Students will

  • be able to understand how the dialogue of a book can be compared to a play.
  • be able to identify character and setting in the book Ira Sleeps Over .
  • apply characters/setting to their readings of a play.


    character, Language Arts

    Materials Needed

  • two copies of the book Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber,
  • one reading exhibit of a teacher-selected play passage (a play passage at appropriate grade level),
  • writing charts (Venn Diagrams) for recording of character, setting and imagery
  • Homework Chart for recording student created skits.

    (Note: For special education students, drawings representing the characters and setting is vital and may be previously created or drawn during the lesson by the students.)

    Lesson Plan

    • Topic: Book Ira Sleeps Over by Bernard Waber
    • Motivation: As students enter the reading area, begin reading a passage from a play. Read the entire passage and observe how the students react to the words.
    • Upon completion of the passage, ask the following questions: 1. When you listen to this passage, what character do you think of? What setting?
      2. How does it relate to the book Ira Sleeps Over ?
    • Development: Teacher reads play passage aloud and then directs the class to read it silently and think about the characters in the book Ira Sleeps Over
      • What character in Ira Sleeps Over does the passage relate to?
      • What setting in Ira Sleeps Over comes to mind?
      • What images does the author, Bernard Waber, use in Ira Sleeps Over ?
      • What images of Bernard Waber's book can you use in the play?
      • How are these images used in the characters in the play?
      • Read a line from the play passage and explain what the character is saying.
      • How are the play and the book alike?
    • Summary/application: Have the students break up into groups to create their own skits using characters/settings from Ira Sleeps Over . Students can read aloud a sentence to the class. Students will then present their improvisational skit based on the sentence.
    • Homework: Write a one-paragraph skit using a character from Ira Sleeps Over . Use a place of choice (school, home, friend's house) as the setting. You may also draw pictures based on the images of your skit (drawing is optional).
    Note: The play passage should be visually accessible to all students and written in large print on a stand. A simple Homework Chart may be most effective.


    The assigned homework may be used as an assessment. The lesson may be used for future reading to see if skills are generalized.

    Lesson Plan Source

    Submitted by: Elyssa Waldman, ([email protected] ) Public School 101, Forest Hills, New York



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