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L E S S O N     P L A N    

It's a Puzzle!


Subject: Ed Technology, Social Studies, Special Ed
Grade: 6-8

Brief Description

Students put together puzzles created from pictures of items related to current courses of study.


Students practice skills of categorization, spatial organization, and use of technology.


photos, categorization, computer research

Materials Needed


Computer with Internet access, http://Google.com Goggle.com, 4 or 5 pictures cut into shapes

Lesson Plan

Select 4 or 5 pictures that follow the theme of a current course of study. Cut each picture into no more than 5 shapes. Each piece should be the same shape. (Be sure the pieces fit back together.)

  • For management purposes, color-code the back corner of each picture piece, using a different color for each, and then color code envelopes for storage.
  • Randomly display the picture pieces on a table. Arrange students in teams of 4 and have each team select a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 'runner.'
  • Explain to students that they are going to have a relay; the 1st runner on each team selects a picture piece, then the 2nd runner chooses a piece and tries to match it to the first piece, and so on, until the picture is complete. Allow each student 20 seconds to select and try to match the puzzle piece. The first team to complete a picture gets to use the computer first.
  • The students use the computer to find information about the subjects of their pictures. They then complete a form, including the name of the item in the picture, the location(s) of the information, details about the item, and its significance.



  • Evaluate students using a rubric, with the following questions as a guide:
  • Are students successful in locating the information through use of a computer search?
  • Are students successful in working together to achieve an end?
  • Are students successful in putting together the pictures from parts to whole?
  • Are students successful in ascertaining the theme of the pictures?

Lesson Plan Source

Heidi Slavin ([email protected]), Burkholder Middle School, Henderson, Nevada





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