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L E S S O N     P L A N    

Make a Great Web Page!


Subject: Social Studies, Ed. Technology
Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students and teachers learn how to make a Web page.


Students will learn to build a successful, attractive, and informational Web page.


Web page, html, Java script

Materials Needed

A computer with internet access, Notepad, an Internet Browser such as Netscape Communicator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Web site junior.apk.net/~jbarta/tutor/makapage/ So, you want to make a Web Page!

Lesson Plan

The entire lesson, with step-by-step instructions, is available online at junior.apk.net/ So, you want to make a Web Page!


This lesson is totally hands-on. Students will be evaluated based on the quality of the Web page they create.

Lesson Plan Source

Thomas R. Brown, Seitz Middle School, Riverview, Michigan

Edworld Update:  The link above is no longer active so you can use "Google in the Classroom" as an alternative.





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