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Celebrate Mardi Gras



  • Regions/Cultures


  • 3-5
  • 6-8

Brief Description

Students learn about Mardi Gras by experience some traditional activities of the holiday.


Students will learn about the history and practices of Mardi Gras as it pertains to French, German, and American culture.


Mardi Gras

Materials Needed

Computer with Internet access, Mardi Gras on the Net, masks, beads, King Cake, soft drinks, cups, napkins, plates, forks, King crown, Queen crown, 2 free-homework passes, a special game to review last week's lesson or yesterday's lesson.

Lesson Plan

  • Greet students at the door wearing a Mardi Gras mask.
  • Present each student with a strand of beads.
  • Have students design and make Mardi Gras masks.
  • Briefly explain the history and meaning of Mardi Gras.
  • Have students try some King Cake. (The recipe can be found at Mardi Gras on the Net.) Two students, a girl and a boy, will find a token in the cake. Assign a King crown to the young man and Queen crown to the young lady. Advise students that they are the King and Queen of the Day. Award free homework passes to make the embarrassment worthwhile.
  • Play Cajun Music. Have students get up and dance for about 5 minutes.
  • Have students help clean up the room.


Students will respond in writing to the questions: How is Mardi Gras celebrated? What is the significance of this holiday? What is its origin?

Lesson Plan Source

Submitted by: Tonya Wagoner, Harrison County High School, Cynthiana, Kentucky.


Last updated 2/20/2017