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L E S S O N     P L A N    

Ecosystems Online


Subject: Science, Educational Technology
Grade: 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

In this multi-media lesson, students create a Web site about ecosystems.


Students will learn about animals and plants that live in a variety of ecosystems and create a simple Web site.


Ecology, ecosystems, habitats, Web site development, MS Publisher, KidPix

Materials Needed


Computers with Internet access, MS Publisher version 97 or 2000, KidPix

Lesson Plan


  • Arrange students in pairs and assign a different ecosystem to each pair. The ecosystems might include a rain forest, desert, tundra, marshland, grassland, ocean, lake, forest, wetlands, and an Alpine ecosystem.


  • Ask each pair of students to use an online encyclopedia or books and magazines to research the assigned ecosystem and learn the average temperature, rainfall, humidity and other environmental factors, as well as what plants and animals live there. Then have each student team write a one-page report about those plants, animals and environmental conditions.


  • Help students use MS Publisher Wizard to place their reports on a Web page and save the pages in an electronic class folder or on a floppy disk.


  • Ask student volunteers to draw a map of an imaginary land using KidPix or MS Publisher. Have them include icons to represent the different ecosystems. Hyperlink the icons to the appropriate written report page. Give the land a name and save the map as the Index.html or master page in the class folder.


  • Use a browser to navigate the map and present the project to the class. Click each of the links on the map and have students present their reports to the class.


Each student's Web page can be graded for factual content. Encourage teamwork by assigning the same grade to both students on a team.


Lesson Plan Source


5th Grade Curriculum Project by technology coordinator Dr. Pelham Mead, and fifth grade teacher Mrs. Pat Knott

Dr. Pelham Mead, ([email protected]) Assumption Academy, Emerson, New Jersey




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