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L E S S O N     P L A N    

Pokemon Are Smart and Healthy

Subject: PE : Games, Math
Grade: 3-5, 6-8

Brief Description

Students play a dodge-ball type game as they perform a number of mental and physical challenges.


Students will practice solving math problems and performing physical fitness exercises while participating in a fast-paced, non-elimination game.


physical fitness, game, mathematics

Materials Needed

4-8 beanbags, pinnies or scrimmage jerseys in 2 different colors, cones to divide the gym, a die

Lesson Plan

Game Play:

  • Players -- called Pokemon -- try to slide a beanbag over a centerline and hit an opponent's foot.

  • All Pokemon begin the game as "basic" Pokemon, with 10 HPs (health points). When a player is hit in the foot by a beanbag, he or she loses the 10 HPs and must solve a designated math problem and perform a fitness challenge to restore those points before playing again.

  • The designated math problem may be addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. The actual problem is determined by the number of points necessary to achieve the desired Pokemon level and a roll of the die. For example, if a player rolls a 6 and the task is subtraction, he or she must do 10-6 or 4 physical fitness exercises to earn the 10 points necessary to be a 'basic' Pokemon. If a player rolls a 2 and the task is multiplication, the player must do 2x20 or 80 exercises to become an 'Energy.' (The difficulty of the activity should be adjusted depending on the math task required and on the age of the students.)

  • After completing the required exercises, the Pokemon reenters the game.

  • 'Basic' Pokemon may also evolve into stronger Pokemon, called 'Energy.' Any 'basic' Pokemon who has 10 HP may choose to complete designated activities to earn 20 HPs and become an 'Energy.' 'Energy' Pokemon wear colored pinnies or scrimmage jerseys and have more power.

  • 'Energy' Pokemon cannot be eliminated by 'basic' Pokemon. An 'Energy' Pokemon who is eliminated by an 'Energy' Pokemon from the other team, however, loses all 20 HPs and must the complete designated activities, regain 10 HPs, and reenter the game as a 'basic' Pokemon. After playing as a 'basic' Pokemon at least one time, players are eligible to try to regain their 'Energy' status.

  • This is an ongoing game with no designated ending or winner.

  • Hits to the body do not count and any player who hits another player anywhere other than the foot loses all of his or her HPs.

  • No player is allowed to become an 'Energy' Pokemon without participating as a 'basic' Pokemon at least once.

  • The math task and fitness activities are determined by the teacher before the game begins.

  • 'Coaches' supervise the challenges, judge the correctness of the math challenges, make sure the correct number of physical challenges are performed, award or reclaim jerseys, and readmit players to the game. Students take turns being coaches.


Students are evaluated on their ability to complete the fitness activities and brain challenges.

Lesson Plan Source

Janelle Schumacher, ([email protected]) Centennial Elementary, Fargo, North Dakota



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