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The Ride of Their Lives:
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A WebQuest for Grades 9-12


The tasks in this Web-based activity address the national standards in Science for grades 9-12 and Language Arts for grades K-12.



This cross-curricular activity is designed to increase students knowledge of the structure and function of the human circulatory system, to provide practical experience in working with the principles of physics, and to demonstrate a practical application of science.


  • This WebQuest provides an excellent opportunity for students at various grade levels to work together. High school students might create working models of their rides for children in the primary grades; they might write a children's book about a the new amusement park, describing rather than creating their rides, and then read the books to younger students; upper elementary or middle school students might work with the high school students, with the younger students providing the research on the circulatory system and the older students providing the knowledge of physics…
  • You might want to provide students with rubrics to help them determine the specific skills that will be assessed during each phase of this WebQuest. You can use an easy template to Create Your Own Rubric.

The following links will provide additional information to help you guide and evaluate student work during this WebQuest:

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